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Market Research Data Collection

Our Services


We See You specializes in every aspect of market research data collection, including mystery shopping and the recruitment of respondents for individual and group surveys. Some of our many services include face-to-face data collection, telephone surveys, and polling by mail. With our extensive pool of partners, We See You can take care of all your quantitative and qualitative research.

Quantitative market research


  • Ad-hoc Surveys (Capi, Papi, Cati)

  • Recruitment of respondents

  • Diary Studies

  • Postal and Self-Completion Studies

  • Analysis/Reporting

Qualitative market


  • Recruitment of respondents

  • In-depth Interviews (both phone and face-to-face)

  • Focus Groups

  • Simultaneous Translation

  • Analysis/Reporting

Translation and edit services*


  • Translation of questionnaires

  • Translation of reports and verbatims

  • Transcriptions of recordings

  • Coding of verbatims

  • Data entry of paper questionnaires

* Have your reports or proposals checked by a native speaker to avoid any misunderstandings with your client. For more info contact our translations department using the contact form or send an email to

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