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Market Research Data Collection

Data Collection is in our hearts

Founded in 2009 by Auke Woldhuis and Robert Kaplan as an independent, privately-owned company specializing in data collections projects within the Netherlands. We still offer precise, high-quality fieldwork and time-efficient planning at the best competitive prices in today's market research world, but we also offer a range of market research services, both qualitative and quantitative, as well as mystery shopping.

We See You has many years of in-depth experience managing data collection projects, face to face as well as telephone. The subsequent choice of the preferred method depends upon the particulars of the project, the target group, and the individual wishes of the client.


We See You has its own fully-operating Field Force with more than 250 experienced interviewers and mystery shoppers. (Get to know our interviewers here - only in Dutch). At any moment we have the ability to expand and utilize additional resources through partner organizations, including more than 500 experienced face-to-face interviewers and 2000 mystery shoppers. Mystery calls can be recorded for your convenience.


We See You works together with specialized partners for callcenter projects, qualitative research, and the implementation of quantitative research, national as well as international. These contacts combined with the experience within We See You guarantees you high-quality fieldwork for competitive prices.


We See You has access to state-of-the-art locations with several viewing and recording facilities. 



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